Speaking on typography at SxSW 2007?

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This year, SxSW Interactive is enabling attendees to vote for the ‘most appealing’ panels to be featured in the conference. The Panel Proposal Picker Round Two is now live; if you select ‘web design/graphics’ and scroll down a bit you’ll see a panel called Web Typography Sucks which – if chosen – will be presented by myself and Mark Boulton.

The blurb seems to have got a bit mangled, but we’ll be banging on about why web typography shouldn’t suck, and what can be done about it from a design and technical perspective. We hope to have plenty of novel stuff in there, covering new ground with many techniques. We also intend to offer a foundation on which typography can be integrated throughout a web team – from copy writers to developers. There’s a lot of great panels to choose from, but if web typography is your thing, and our topic sounds appealing, then please give us a vote.

I'm speaking at SxSW 2007

Update. We’re in! Thanks to all who voted for us – I can confirm that Mark and I will be speaking on web typography at SxSW 2007. Now to knuckle down and get writing that talk.