Apple Store Mania

So the Apple Store on Regent Street, London has finally opened. My bro had intended to get up super early and get himself a Lucky Bag. Even if he hadn’t slept through his 6am alarm, reports indicate he would still have been 12 hours too late joining the queue. Still, he went along anyway and witnessed the same scenes reported by Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith (whooping, hollering and high-fiving? Please! That’s just not cricket).

Anyway the store looks great and I’ll wander along one lunchtime when the hysteria has died down. But why has it taken so long for this first store in Europe to open? The first Apple stores in the US were opened in 2001; there are now over 100 stores making Apple a reported $40 million annual profit. I appreciate these things take time and I can understand the need to test the water on their own turf first, however this is another factor contributing to the feeling of neglect from Apple’s loyal customers on this side of the Atlantic. This may sound like a whine, and it is, but heh we wanna be loved too (although you can keep your high-fives)!