Richard Rutter

I’m a web site designer living in Brighton, England, with a fabulous wife, beautiful daughter, baby son and a rather naughty dog. I am co-founder of Clearleft and Fontdeck. I started designing websites way back in 1994, and since founding Clearleft with Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith, I’m pleased to say I’ve retained my role as a user experience designer, working with clients and their customers to translate their ideas into new and improved websites and applications.

Photo of Richard Rutter by Jack Barnes
Photo by Jack Barnes

I began my career designing the UX of web sites for Barclaycard, as well as numerous dot com start ups. I moved on to become the user experience lead at Multimap, Europe’s most popular mapping site, which was acquired by Microsoft.

At Clearleft my work includes redesigning the Riverford Organics web site, creating a new e-commerce presence for Pearson Education, designing a radical new location-based search for Gumtree, redesigning a video-on-demand service for a major broadcaster and implementing massive change in the publication habits of a London council.

Along with my colleague Andy Budd, I was named as one of Wired UK’s top 100 digital power brokers.

Colour Blindness

I’m happy for people to know I’m colour blind – as a disability it proves quite useful in my work sometimes. Strictly speaking, I’m colour deficient: protanomaly, medically speaking. If you could turn the red down on your vision, you’d see how I see.

Web typography evangelism

I have a deep love and fascination for typography. I created Clearleft’s Fontdeck web service, in partnership with OmniTI and Jon Tan. As a self-appointed web typography evangelist, I am chief organiser of Clearleft’s Ampersand web typography conference. I also put together which translates Robert Bringhurst’s typographic guidelines into CSS. I have a web typography book in the works with Five Simple Steps, which may get finished one year soon.

I am a member of the IxDA, London IA group and ATypI. I have spoken at numerous conferences on prototyping and typography, including An Event Apart, UIE’s Web App Summit and UX London.

Away from the office

I am an avid Chelsea FC fan, regularly shouting from the stands at Stamford Bridge. I used to describe myself as a mountain biker, but family commitments mean that’s mostly limited to cycling into work, although I’m trying to get out on the bike(s) a bit more.

For some reason I still buy CDs and vinyl.

Stalk Me

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Contact Me

Please feel free to get in touch. You can twit me @clagnut or drop an email to You can also contact me at work on +44 845 838 6163.

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